You have a VISION. I know the way to get you there




Market Research is a vital part of the development of a new product because at this stage I identify the key problems and become an expert for an adequate field in your marketplace. Product research provides information on the specific and required characteristics of a product and helps me to understand your needs, expectations, and desires but also to exceed and outdo the competition. This research helps in filtering new ideas and uncover innovative solutions for the products that are both unique and compelling.



After researching the marketplace and understanding your wishes and demands, I begin to develop basic concepts. In this stage, I concentrate on idea generation. Mentally, this stage represents a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts and outcomes. The main aim of the ideation stage is to use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions and take everything into consideration: your objective, low cost, high quality, aesthetics, and creativity. In this phase, I will bring you a lot of concepts so we can prioritize and focus on the best concepts to move forward with.



After completing the thumbnail sketches - concepts, we choose the best concepts and we focus to expand upon and refine to fruition. The concepts become defined and refined, and all details including color and material are added. Sketches are ready for the final approval.


3D Modeling

Final concepts are developed in 3D dimensional space and 3D digital prototype are created. For this stage, I am using Engineering Software such as Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks to fully control designs and deliver the data necessary for engineering and manufacturing. Also, I use 3ds Max, Z-brush, Marvelous Designer for more advanced 3D modeling.



Materials are applied and concepts are visualized in photorealistic form. This will help you to “sell” ideas or concepts long before they exist in physical form and communicate important product information to customers. Visualization can help your team reduce time-to-market by helping catch potential problems before construction, providing marketing with high-quality promotional images.



Manufacturing specification, 2D drawings, parts list (BOM), part data, assembly instructions, presentation for manufacturing and quoting.